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Powerful Video for Your Business

Shooting and cutting video is a wonderfully creative process, but with multiple vendors it's easy for your message to get lost in all that creativity. KDS Communications now offers in-house video editing and production that delivers high-quality, high-definition video that’s a powerful communications tool for your story. Our three decades of public relations experience, mixed with a talent for Final Cut and Motion, means we stay focused from start to finish on crafting a product that has a strong editorial viewpoint enhanced by compelling video. It also means you’ll usually save time, money, and probably a lot of having to repeat yourself.

"No one is better at turning nothing into something than you."

KDS Communications client

Have unused raw video? Let us turn it into something great!

One of our specialties is taking interviews and other corporate video that was shot with good intentions but needs to be organized or repurposed.
Editing video is more than just cutting — it’s telling a story, and without a strong thread to tie your video together it can quickly fall apart.
What we do is take your video and put it to good use. Below are just a couple of examples of how we combed through interviews and fit the pieces together to tell the story.

We can help with audio, too!

We can also edit podcasts and audio tracks for clarity, add music and remove those pesky "ums" and "ers."
Contact us to see how we can enhance your audio to make it a better listening experience.