Public Relations Services

In our 30 years of experience, we've seen and done a little bit of everything.
We offer the following services (plus pretty much anything else you might need):

Communications Strategies

Reach the right audiences for the right reasons

Message Development

Be clear, concise and compelling

Media Outreach

Press releases, video news releases, events and targeted pitches to the right reporters

Crisis Communications

Take the right steps while staying calm and focused

Employee/Member Communications

Keep employees and association members up-to-date on issues and changes that affect them

Media Training

Do a better job with the media as the face of your organization

Lobbyist and Attorney Support

Documents and strategies you need to win in the court of public opinion

Social Media

Get your message out quickly and keep it under control


Use video to tell your compelling story and supply B-roll to news outlets

Writing Services

We take the time to understand what you do and what you want to do, but our turnaround time for writing internal and external communications for clients is legendary. Well, if not legendary, then it's at least always greatly appreciated.

Corporate Communications

Annual report letters from the CEO, internal communications to employees, executive presentations and scripts


Brochures, flyers, and other collateral material

Website Copy

Creative and compelling copy to engage browsers and produce results

Association Communications

Communications to members, including dues increase notices and issue awareness, newsletters, benefits of membership


Revisions and rewrites to ensure communications are concise, readable and have the desired impact


Print copy and broadcast scripts, assistance with media buying